Choco Sheep

It has been a while since I last posted.

Today we start off with a new brew that we just finished.

Brought to you by Ventura Brew House



Shmaltz – Coney Island Lager (Saratoga,NY)

Shmaltz – Coney Island Lager (Saratoga,NY)

ABV – ?

Review – Pours a orange amber hue. Aroma is creaming soda,sweet malts with caramel. Taste is of caramel candy,toffee,ripe berries and at the finish i get czech pilsner yeast.

Rate – 3.5/5


ShipYard – XXXX IPA

ShipYard – XXXX IPA

ABV – 9.25%

Review – Pour is a reddish copper body with a tall off-white head that pasted the glass with lace. The aroma was rich with pine, grapefruit, and zest from the hops. The malts were more caramelly in the flavor, yet still held a touch of butterscotch. A hoppy bitterness finishes off this nice creamy drink.

Rate – 4.0/5


Abita – Vanilla Doubledog (Abita Springs, LA)

Abita – Vanilla Doubledog (Abita Springs, LA)

ABV – 7.0%

Review – Pour is a clear reddish brown color with a nice off white head that had a slight retention with no lacing. Aroma did have nice hints caramel malts and a some Vanilla note. Flavor was mildly sweet from the caramel malts, vanilla complemented the caramel malts. I didn’t get any toffee flavors, although there is a mild chocolate note. Finish was light and smooth.

Rate – 3.2/5


Rogue – Dead Guy Ale (Newport, Oregon)

Rogue – Dead Guy Ale (Newport, Oregon)

ABV – 6.6%

Review – Pours is a clear reddish-orange brew with a thin head. Aroma is hoppy with hints of orange, though the scent isn’t very prolific. Taste has a Sweet citrusness characteristic with some spicyness and a bit of earthyness. Slight bit of peppery bite in there as well. Leaves a nice hop aftertaste.

Rate – 4.1/5


Mike Pastor – Pomegranate Anarchy (San Diego)

Mike Pastor – Pomegranate Anarchy (San Diego)

ABV – ?

Review – Pour is a beautiful rosé with a quick fading head. Aroma is malty slightly breaded with a hint of pomegranate. Taste is nice and very smooth, base is hefeweizen slightly pilz like finish is clean and has a good balanced bitter bite with a finish of pomegranate.

Rate – 4.0/5


AleSmith – Nut Brown (San Diego)

AleSmith – Nut Brown (San Diego)

ABV – 5%

Review – Pours a clear dark brown. Thin rings of lace line the glass on the drink down. Smell is of toasted malt and some nutty aromas. Taste is of toasted malt, toasted nuts, and slight coffee on the finish with a nice soft roasty bitterness that lingers.

Rate – 3.5/5