About Me

My name is Keoni, I like beer…..

I am a father of two little demon children, and a horrible husband to one amazing white woman(Love that whooty). This beer year (2012-2013) will bring my 28th birthday. I am getting old!

Currently I live in Germany (Thanks to the US Army. Although I will be out by the end of 2012) which gives me the great opportunity to conquer the Big Beer Year challenge here in europe. So many different countries so many different taste. I started off drinking (we will say when I was 21) mainly Liquor, but as I have gotten older beer seems to be the thing that satisfies my tummy and my soul! I dont really have a goal number for this year just a goal to get in touch with my taste buds so I can become the best beer man I can and the adventures that they take me on!


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