20 Sample Bottles

Well just bottled a sample batch of the “Orange You Irish” Stout. It was a long process filled with a hurt back from deadlifting the day before and a broken bottler cause I stepped on it. But we have 20 bottles conditioning right now to sample in a week or so. Can’t wait!!! It smelt so nice!


After a long night

Well it was a long night… About 8 hours of cooking/brewing and ghetto rigging shit cause stuff was failing… But I thought I pitched the yeast to hot @ about 105 degrees it was to late after I put in the yeast. But 4 hours later it was at 75 degrees and bubbling/overflowing… After a little cleaning of the airlock and top of the stage 1 things are looking good. Filled airlock with Johnny Walker. Stage 1 is at about 66-67 degrees and staying strong!