Well I am back in America after 3 years living it up in Germany and a year in Afghanistan. I have to be honest I really really missed America. Germany is a beautiful place to visit but to live there is tough…

Here in week one and I am crossing my fingers to try and get a job in the craft beer industry out here in San Diego.

Oh San Diego how I have missed you! It really does take not living in America to truly see how lucky we really are to live in a country like ours. Given the right drive and love you can really do what you want and become who you want to become…

I look forward to meeting some people here in the local homebrew scene as well. All in all just looking forward to my new future. The military has been nice but I hope the craft brew industry is even nicer!!


PowerLifting update

Here it is six months into my powerlifting workouts…. I started with a 225lbs bench, a 225 squat, and a 315lbs dead-lift. After six moths I am at a 350lbs bench, a 515lbs squat and a 600lbs dead-lift. My number jump very fast because I was already “Strong” just not use to one rep maxes I was more of the endurance athlete. My new end of 2012 numbers are 400lbs bench, 600lbs squat and a 700lbs dead-lift. Those would be nice numbers to finish my year. The final three months I should have a good amount of time since I will be getting out of the Army so I can dedicate as much time as needed to powerlifting. So here we go, Finish the year strong!