Allagash – Black

Allagash – Black

ABV – 7.5%

Review – Pours a nice blackish hue, some brown ruby edges and bottom with a prominent light brown head, stays moderate sized with a laces ok. Aroma is of cocoa and some toffee, touches of roast, toast, gentle and smooth still. More touches of bakers cocoa. A bit light. Initial is smoothed out, sweet cocoa, dark fruit, and toffee. Plums, moving into roast, toast, a touch of black cherry, light vanilla. Gentle fruity smoke into the finish. Solid stout with a good roast, yet still smooth and drinkable with some cherrywood like smoke finish. Very drinkable and nice twist with the yeast.

Rate – 4.3/5



Lost Cost Brewery – Raspberry Brown (Eurika, CA)

Lost Cost Brewery – Raspberry Brown (Eurika, CA)

ABV – ?

Review – Pour is a dark brown with a reddish tint with a tannish head that has great retention. The aroma is like raspberry cough medicine, toasted malt and light nuttiness. The taste starts with a touch of toasty malt and minor raspberry that comes off as fake. The finish is medicinal and astringent. All in all not good taste very fake…

Rate – 2.1/5



Well I am back in America after 3 years living it up in Germany and a year in Afghanistan. I have to be honest I really really missed America. Germany is a beautiful place to visit but to live there is tough…

Here in week one and I am crossing my fingers to try and get a job in the craft beer industry out here in San Diego.

Oh San Diego how I have missed you! It really does take not living in America to truly see how lucky we really are to live in a country like ours. Given the right drive and love you can really do what you want and become who you want to become…

I look forward to meeting some people here in the local homebrew scene as well. All in all just looking forward to my new future. The military has been nice but I hope the craft brew industry is even nicer!!

Samuel Adams – Stony Brook Red

Samuel Adams – Stony Brook Red

ABV -9.0%

Review – Pours a beautifully scarlet red with bursts of dark orange. Nice tan head which is quite bubbly. Retention is pretty good, as well as leaving splotchy patches of thick foam behind as it recedes.

Aroma is fairly malty overall, but here and there I am getting nice hints of tart cherry. It isn’t overpoweringly sour like a kriek or lambic There’s a strong oak presence here as well, with hints of sweet vanilla.

Taste starts with a slight amount of malt, before moving into an almost grape wine-like territory. There is a good amount of cherry, bright berries, apples, and grapes, like a blush wine. The back-end delivers a strong taste of oak and vanilla. There’s a decent amount of tartness here, but again, it isn’t overpoweringly sour.

Rate – 4.1/5


Weismainer – Natur Radler (Weismain/Germany)

Weismainer – Natur Radler (Weismain/Germany)

ABV – 2.5%

Review – Pour is hazy, golden-orange with a small, white head. Mostly grapefruit juice or some other citrus juice in the aroma. Hard to taste the beer in there the citrus aroma and flavor takes over everywhere, but at least the citrus juice is nice. Dry on the palate, with appropriate carbonation. As a refresher, it’s nice, but it’s almost as far from beer as it’s possible to come.

Rate – 2.9/5